Branding isn’t just about pretty logos and websites

Growing a coaching practice can be overwhelming. It can be so easy to get lost in finding your niche, spend all your time researching how to sell, and get sucked into other people’s ideas of what you should do to market your business.

Of course, you persevere. You ask other coaches which logo they like best, cobble together a website, and brace yourself for the dreaded question: What do you do? (Ugh.)

Brand coaching with me is all about exploring and aligning every aspect of who you are as a business and what you offer so your unique brilliance can shine through from a deep, soulful place. This gives you the clarity and confidence to stand in your power as a professional coach, speak passionately from your most authentic truth, and see your own path forward.

Once you feel this “click” of alignment, (and craft your visual and messaging elements to match the real you), generating momentum in your business gets so. much. easier.

Hi, I’m Rei.

I’m a Brand Coach and Consultant for Service-Based Entrepreneurs and Changemakers.

You know those artisanal chocolates with an unexpected mix of ingredients—a hint of cayenne, lavender, or even maple bacon? You hesitantly bite in and you’re like wow (pause), that’s SO unique, and perfect.

Well guess what? You’re not a regular ‘ol run-of-the-mill chocolate bar.

You and your business contain the same level of special, unique brilliance as a spicy Aztec dark chocolate with a hint of citrus.

I’m passionate about holding space for you to explore, connect, and align with your inner mix of beautifully curated gifts, and present it visually, like the exquisite work of art that it is.

This authentic expression of your true self will connect you to your tribe with ease.

As a Certified Professional Coach (and natural empath), I’m equipped to guide you through this fascinating, fun, and sometimes messy inner work.

Before becoming a Brand Coach, I worked at the forefront of the advertising industry for over 17 years as an Associate Creative Director / Art Director at major global advertising agencies in NYC. So I have the expertise to skillfully help you shape the visuals and key messages you’ll proudly share.

When you share your uniqueness in this way, you can go to a networking event, try your pitch, and it lands. You share your message, and have a much stronger chance of getting the gig. You feel aligned and connected to your own truth, and you have a professionally curated brand to set yourself apart from every other coach, and clearly communicate your value to others.

And the most important thing is, you’re able to make a difference in so many people’s lives, across the globe, for generations to come.

Want to hear the full story of how Gem Seven Studios came to be?

Get a peek into my winding, messy, journey, here.

Hear what my clients share about our branding journey.

“So many a-ha moments. Mind-blowing. Seriously.”

After this incredible experience with Rei, I know how to take up space in the world, in a way that reflects me. I feel so much more connected to my business and really ready and able to launch.

– Elle Pendry, Professional Coach, ACC

Which one resonates with you?

Different types of branding work are needed depending on where you are in your business. Choose from what resonates with you below. You can also learn more about my branding process here.

Ready to Confidently Build

Your Brand with Intention

You’ve been serving clients for a while now, and you’re good at what you do. It’s been busy working in your business (which can get overwhelming at times), and you’re starting to crave a sense of focus and clarity.

If you’re ready to build your brand with intention, but feel muddy about who you are as a business, the infamous niche question, and what makes your brand unique, start here.

Ready to Authentically Express

Your Unique Brand Essence

You know who you are as a brand and can articulate it with crystal clarity (yay!). But your brand’s expression – whether it’s your color palette or presentation slides – isn’t doing you justice. Or it’s time for you to rebrand.

If you’re ready to express your unique brand essence and have cohesive, authentic, and effective materials to excitedly share with others, but need expert guidance, start here.

Ready to Proudly Launch

Your Energetically-Aligned Website

Every time someone asks for your website, you feel the need to say, “it’s still work in progress” and cringe. You know your website is too generic and doesn’t quite represent your brilliance. Or you just can’t seem to…launch it already.

If you’re ready to finally have a website that’s energetically aligned with you and your brand, but feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do to get there, start here.

“I feel proud of the visual representation of my brand.”

I have had the privilege of working and partnering with Rei as my Brand Coach to update the visual elements of all of my branding materials. I had been struggling to find the sweet spot between what I personally love from a visual standpoint and the image and impact I wanted to convey as an Executive Coach.

What was game-changing for me was that Rei helped me dig deep and articulate why I love certain imagery, such as distressed patterns, and then actually figure out how to align it with the professional and high powered brand I wanted to convey. And if that is not enough, working with Rei has been fun and I feel proud of the visual representation of my brand. I highly recommend Rei to anyone who wants an easy and incredibly effective way to have professional branding elements.

– Ellen Fields, PCC, Executive and Leadership Coach at Ellen Fields Coaching & Consulting

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