Brand Coaching

In this process of solidifying your Brand Foundation, you’ll get to peel back the layers and uncover what truly makes your brand unique and unforgettable. This playful, creative space is designed to explore, connect, and align with your inner mix of beautifully curated gifts.

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of your niche, your “what I do” statement, your mission, vision, values, services, ideal clients, your origin story, and your brand personality.

You’ll know who you are, as a person, and as a business! You’ll feel aligned and connected to your own truth, and you’ll have the messaging to clearly articulate it to others.

“Brand work is very hard to do alone. Rei is in it with you every step of the way, but the outcomes are all your own.”

I was seeking clarity around what I do and who I do it for, especially my mission and niche. Rei is a smart, focused thought partner with a very well-defined process. She’s in it with you every step of the way, but the outcomes are all your own. I would recommend this experience – brand work is very hard to do alone.

– Cathie Levine, Leadership Coach, Morningside Strategies



1:1 coaching is the ideal place to receive undivided support and attention to dig deep and shift any internal stickiness that’s keeping you from moving forward in growing your business. Calm any anxieties, self-doubt, or procrastination so you can continue to step into your most confident self. And meaningfully connect with your tribe and make a difference.

Five Session Package

We’ll take a deep dive into solidifying your brand foundation. This coaching experience is personalized to cater to your needs so you can develop your brand you and your audience love with confidence and authenticity.

  • Five 60-minute sessions via Zoom. 
  • If applicable, workbook exercises in between sessions.
  • Email/text/spot call support in between sessions.
  • Package valid for five months.

Want to explore brand coaching with me?

Clarity Session

Clarity Session is a great option for you if you have a specific topic you need clarity around.

  • A 60-minute session via Zoom. 
  • A 30-minute follow-up accountability session via Zoom within two weeks from the first session. 
  • Email support between the first and second sessions.

Investment: $397

Curious about the clarity session?

“I know my worth. I feel free.”

Rei helped me discover a tool I didn’t know was missing—clarity. Since gaining clarity on what I do and what I offer, I feel authentic and genuine in my approach to things I’m working on. I’m clear on how to pitch my services.

Today, I have control over my schedule and work on my favorite types of projects. I know my worth. I feel free. And I stand confidently in my own business.

– Artesia Balthrop, TV and Film Producer



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