Creative Direction

After clarifying your Brand Foundation, it’s time to connect the dots to the visual presentation of your brand. In this step, together, we’ll define your brand identity like color palette, fonts, logo, and photography style, curated to the purpose of your coaching business for your audience. (You can find out more about my branding process here.)

Then we can co-create whatever branded materials you need for your business, from your presentation slides to your social media template to your website. I know this process can be overwhelming, even when you try to outsource—starting from choosing the designer who gets it and doesn’t disappear on you to speaking the same “language” to receive the work you need. I’m here to help you facilitate the process so you can focus on what matters to you and your work and have fun instead of feeling frustrated.

As a former advertising art director for 17 years, I know the ins and outs of the professional branding process to carefully develop brands. But in entrepreneurial and small business branding, a lot of it is overkill and unnecessary.

When you work with me, you’ll get someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in brand building. And I’ve thoughtfully distilled the process down to what’s essential and effective for small businesses, so you won’t waste your resource on what you don’t need. I’ll guide you through a structured creative step-by-step process in partnership with you to develop your beautifully authentic brand that’s unforgettable and match the quality of your work.

You can learn about my offerings below. If you’re ready to dive in, please reach out to me, and we’ll get started. If you don’t know where to start, I offer a 30-min consult to help you feel good about your next step  whether you end up working with me or not.

“…I now have a brand identity which has propelled me forward in building my business.”

I met Rei at an ICF NYC event, and I knew right away she could help me. I needed guidance and support in cementing clarity around my professional brand. Rei’s expertise and brand intensive was exactly what I was seeking. As a result of working with her, I now have a brand identity which has propelled me forward in building my business. 

Not only is Rei highly competent and skilled, she’s a professional guided by values and exudes kindness and warmth. She puts the client at ease so the client can just focus on the tasks at hand. I was so pleased with Rei, I hired her for additional work. I have also recommended her to other colleagues. Her business, Gem Seven Studio, is aptly named–she really is a true gem!

– Nancy Jacoby, RN, MHSA, MBA, FACHE, ACC, Nancy Jacoby Coaching & Consulting


Here are some of the creative services I offer to align your brand expression with your unique essence. Please note that I only work with clients who are clear on their brand foundation in this step, whether from working with me or another brand strategist. Please check out my Brand Coaching page to learn more.

Brand Intensive for Expression

This offering is a great place to start. We’ll explore your brand personality, archetypes, and brand identity elements like color palette, fonts, and logo direction in a structured, yet playful way.

By the end of the Brand Intensive, you’ll have basic clarity to start crafting your brand DIY-style, if you choose to. You’ll also receive guidance for your personalized, practical next step to answer the question, “And now what?”

  • Two 3-hour sessions via Zoom
  • Email/text/spot call support in between sessions

Done-for-You Branded Materials

Get only the elements you need. Designed for you, meticulously aligned to your unique brand. Here are some of the examples of branded materials:

  • One Pager Document 
  • Proposal Template
  • Presentation Template
  • Social Media Templates
  • Promotional Videos
  • Workbook
  • Lead Magnet
  • Business Card 
  • Stationary
  • Brochures
  • Custom Option Available

Energetically-Aligned Website

Chances are, most of your potential clients check your online presence before deciding to work with you. And it’s hard to instill trust in your business when you have a generic and amateur-looking website.

I’ll help you alleviate overwhelm and stress. And navigate a complicated (and sometimes emotional) website-building process that’s easy to get stuck. This could look like producing your entire site you’ll proudly share or helping you build a DIY site, from recommending the most effective structure based on your business to developing it to the final launch (yessssss!!).

Are you ready to get started? Contact me and we’ll have a chat about how I can help you.

“Rei’s work was truly stunning, and drove sales to just under a billion dollars.”

I was first introduced to Rei at a top creative agency in NYC. She was assigned a very challenging project of elevating the look and feel of a chocolate brand from mass to much more premium. Her work was truly stunning and helped to reposition the brand in the American market place, driving sales to just under a billion dollars.

I have since worked with Rei on many other design projects as her passion for her work, her attention to detail and her ability to breathe life into her assignments is ideal when looking for a top-notch creative design partner. I would recommend Rei whole-heartedly to elevate your design needs across the board.

– Leah Hardy, VP Marketing, Xsolla

Custom Creative Direction

Share your full vision, and all the elements you might want us to create, and we’ll draft an estimate, tailored to your business. This inquiry is right for you if you’ve experienced the Brand Foundation, Brand Expression or have a fully aligned, established brand.

Curious about working together? Book your complimentary consultation.

“I love my website! And it’s not just about my website, I carry that into other places.”

I was embarrassed to send people to my website because it didn’t cover everything, and I found myself apologizing for it all the time. So, what that did is it held me back from putting it out there. It’s like I couldn’t step into it and own it because it was not really what I wanted. Now I love my website; I’m thrilled to send it to people now and I got so much positive feedback on it, both in terms of the look of being professional and clean and yet also reflects who I am. And it’s not just about my website, but then I carry that into other places.

– Diane W. Shannon, MD, MPH, ACC, Physician Coach, Author, and Change Agent 



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