Client Case Study:

Diane W. Shannon, MD, MPH, ACC

Physician Coach, Speaker, Author, Change Agent

Rei provided that expert advice but also listened to what I wanted, and it wasn’t a cookie-cutter process. I felt like the process that you used really helped me to understand my values better, to understand who my ideal clients were, and why I wanted to work with them. You were supporting that positive energy in me and that we were co-creating something that, in the end, I just love.


Diane is a former physician turned coach and an award-winning author. Diane expressed her biggest challenge to me, stating, “I had so many different services that weren’t connected to each other and two different websites which was confusing and clouded.”

With two websites that didn’t represent her authentically, she often shied away from sharing them with potential clients. Diane also felt unsure about who she served, which diluted her message and kept her from showing up with confidence.


Brand Coaching

Web Design Package


Through coaching, Diane and I worked on what got in the way of owning who she wanted to serve. We worked together to understand the unique value she brings, recognize her ideal clients, and why she wanted to work with them.  

After Diane got clear on her identity and goals, we worked on her website. First, we created a structure that would incorporate all the aspects of her business. We then moved onto copy coaching and writing copy for her new website, ensuring her message was on brand. Finally, with the structure and content in place and a clear idea of her why, I designed her website. 

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“I love my website! I’m thrilled to send it to people now.”

  • Diane now has a clear understanding of what makes her unique and powerful. She now has a specific niche market she serves passionately.
  • She has a fully integrated website that she loves and is proud to share. We continue to build on it as her practice expands.



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