Client Case Study:

Marsha Prospere, PCC

Founder of Adept Flow, Executive Coach

“I immediately saw the care that Rei maintained throughout the journey. Her branding process really forced me to say, ‘I can be all of those, but this is actually what I am.’ And that’s very empowering. That’s wonderful.”


Marsha is an executive coach and the Founder of Adept Flow, who works with leaders worldwide. Coming from a marketing background, she understood the importance of branding and wanted to ensure that expression of her brand aligned with her vision, core values, and mission. 

She initially came to me looking for a logo designer for her company. After the initial consultation, we agreed that she could benefit from comprehensive creative brand exploration work for her company, based on the beautiful concept of Adept Flow.


Brand Intensive | Expression

Logo Design

Creative Direction Package

Social Media Template Package


Marsha and I started our branding journey with what she refers to as a process “like being on Oprah” because the conversations made her stop and go deep. We created space for her to explore the ideas, needs and wants she had around her business. During these “Oprah” sessions, we also worked on separating her personal brand and business brands.  

After we got crystal clear on her brand foundation, we explored and defined the brand creative direction for Adept Flow. Then I dove into an extensive design exploration for the company logo. Then I continued to design her branded materials.

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“Having the brand defined was really like a true north.”

  • Marsha now has a clear understanding of what distinguishes her and her company as brands, which gave her a clear direction forward.
  • She has an extended set of branded materials that represent her brand.



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