If your brand doesn’t feel like 100% like you…I so get it.

I worked as an Associate Creative Director / Art Director in global advertising agencies in NYC for 17 years. It was my childhood dream, and I shed my blood and tears to not only achieve it but also sustain this professional role, as an immigrant woman of color.

In the last few years of my ad career, I felt something was off, WAY off. I felt really lost but I couldn’t quite articulate what it was.

I started to search for my purpose, the meaning of life and all that stuff, and honestly, my heart was numb. Over time, this disconnect expanded to a growing, painful chasm inside me.

So I quit without having a clear plan.

Was it the smartest decision? No. Did I benefit from this time off of getting to know myself and exploring? Hell yes.

Through this process, I discovered Reiki and coaching, and became trained in both.

I immersed myself in my new community of spiritual healers and practitioners. And while I was mesmerized, excited, and curious, I didn’t feel 100% like myself.

Like I left the advertising industry completely, dove straight into all things love and light, and quite frankly, I missed certain qualities of the business world, and myself in it.

I remember one life-changing and powerful session with my coach where I discovered an artist part that was tucked away deep inside…

She was crying and sad in the distance in front of a blank canvas. And as I chatted with her, I realized she was PISSED.

Like I found this brand new shiny friend called the healing arts and abandoned my original BFF who supported me all these years no matter what. This artist girl part was the reason why I moved to the U.S. on my own at the age of 15 to pursue visual arts. She was the reason why I survived in the advertising industry for 17 years. And she is one of the reasons why I enjoy living on this earth.

Yet, I left her so fast and didn’t even realize that I left her, because I was too busy hanging out with new friends like coaching and spirituality and energy medicine. No wonder she was MAD.

ABOVE: I used to doodle these drawings in neverending meetings back when I was feeling deeply stuck and lost.

I was so personally tangled up from working in the advertising business that when I quit, I left it altogether including my love for design, branding, art direction and visual storytelling – the exact reason why I became an Art Director in the first place, my dream.

And when I reconnected with my artist part, while reassuring myself this doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to my old life, I felt excited and inspired. As I merged her with my newfound passion for coaching and spirituality, it felt even more powerful. Like I’m finally home.

Photo Credit: Caroline Frost Photography

And for someone who often identifies herself as an outsider, that was big.

And that’s when my own clarity and confidence started to click into place.

I found greater momentum in my business.

I founded Gem Seven Studio as a Brand Coach and Consultant.

This work integrates my old and new skills and experiences and it feels just right.

And I can see that it lands with my tribe—they get super excited by what I offer and how I can help.

So since the day I decided to own being a Brand Coach, there’s been a huge sense of unstuckness and flow.

Every painful moment in the past where I desperately questioned my purpose. Every life and professional experience so far. Every training and class I took. Every volunteer gig I took part in. It all made sense to me like puzzle pieces coming together and fitting.

They’re all contributing to how powerful I can serve.

Sometimes it takes the good part of a lifetime for all the elements to evolve and this type of synergy to align. And there’s such perfection in the timing and unfolding of it all.

So um, does this mean your business synergy will take several decades to unfold too?

No, not necessarily 🙂

The whole purpose of my offerings is to expedite this process for you. So you can find the synergy of your passions and align to your unique brand…

A helluva lot faster than I did.

If you’re ready to find alignment with your own joyful, resonant truth (so your dream can start to take shape) get in touch to explore working with me. The chat is complimentary.

“My dream is starting to take shape in actual physical reality! It’s happening!”

When I started coaching with Rei, I had some pretty strong self doubt that was getting in my way of moving forward with my life. With patience, kindness, and a playful spirit, Rei brought me back on track and in alignment with my deepest, most joyful, and resonant truth. I live more and more in my place of knowing who I am and what I am about, and my dream is starting to take shape in actual physical reality! It’s happening!

– Adele Simard, Conscious Communications Coach and Convergence Facilitator



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