Client Case Study:

Nancy Jacoby, RN, MBA, MHSA, FACHE, ACC

Executive Coach, Process and Leader Development Consultant

Every minute of it was time well spent, and I would do it over again in a heartbeat. It’s a worthwhile investment. It’s a necessary investment. Rei was just vital to getting me launched in a way that was successful and true to who I am.


Nancy, who has vast experience in the healthcare industry, fulfilled her dream of becoming independent by launching her consulting and coaching business. She’s bold, intelligent, and genuine with a big heart and skillfully serves her clients as a coach and consultant. 

Having been in academic healthcare for over 15 years, she knows the struggles, pressures, politics, and expectations her clients face. There is an assuredness in her presence, but when it came to articulating what she did, she felt muddy and stuck.


Brand Coaching

Brand Intensive | Expression

Logo Design

Creative Direction Package

Web Design Package


Like many people starting a business, Nancy knew what she wanted to do but was overwhelmed with the options for logos, branding, websites, and creating a professional look. Sitting down to write about her work, she felt she couldn’t find the words to describe herself and her services. She needed clarity. 

Nancy and I worked on getting clear about her brand foundation through coaching. Discussing and getting to the core of what she was offering, why, and who her ideal clients were. Through this process, we created clarity for herself, and her business and identified her voice. 

Based on the clarity she gained through coaching, we explored and defined her brand identities like the logo, color palette, and her brand and photography mood boards. We also worked on her photoshoot together, from the start (picking a photographer) to finish (final selection and retouching). 

After we had all the elements, I designed her branded materials. Then we worked on her website, building and designing it to ensure her unique brand essence was represented, and it was infused with her personality. 

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“I have more confidence in who I am as a brand. I’m able to go to market and talk about myself as a brand because I know who I am.”

  • Nancy now has clarity about her brand to express it with confidence.
  • She feels more comfortable on the initial call with prospective clients because she owns who she is.
  • She has a full set of branded materials that represent her brand.
  • She has a website that she can keep building on to share her message and promote her offering.



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