The branding process is crucial to growing a business that you and your tribe love.

You put a lot of heart, sweat, and resources into your current business cards, website, and logo. While this foundation has served you well… you have the unsettling feeling it’s not really you anymore, and it’s not connecting with clients in the way you’d like.

And this can be a tough pill to swallow.

Because that first go was a lot of work, and doing it all again feels exhausting.

It’s ok.

The important thing you missed (which many coaches do) is making sure each element of your brand is connected to the true, unwavering identity of your business. Which is often tough to uncover on your own.

So, you likely made surface-level choices which ultimately won’t stick—with you, or your audience—for the long term.

If you’re willing to take your business (even more) seriously…

In the professional branding process, you’ll get to explore, connect, and align with your inner mix of perfectly curated gifts, and then present it visually…

From this centered place, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to stand in your power as a professional coach, speak passionately from your most authentic truth, and see your own path forward.

You’ll get to take about 85% of the frustration of switching, and re-switching gears and put it right in the trash bin. (Phew). Lighter, right?

The process of exploring the real you, the meaning behind your business, and the connection and alignment of your inner and outer expression can sometimes be winding and messy!

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), I have the skills and tools to tailor the experience to your values and beliefs. And facilitate your unfolding in a nurturing, insightful way. So you can step away from the stress of building a brand, and actually discover the fun and joy in the process!

Unlike designers who will work with a color because it’s beautiful, the work I do is much different. After exploring and connecting with the true meaning behind your business, we’ll choose colors, typefaces and all aspects of your brand with great intention.

We’ll choose each of these elements based on the psychology of the element and how well it expresses the core identity of your business. When your entire brand is created with this type of intention, you’ll feel much more connected to your business and ready to launch, from a centered, aligned place.

From working at the forefront of the advertising industry for over 17 years as an Associate Creative Director / Art Director at major global advertising agencies in NYC, I’m fully equipped to manage and tailor all aspects of your brand exploration and expression so you can take up space in the world in a way that reflects you, beautifully.

“Rei’s coaching produces results!”

I’d been procrastinating for months on my goal of starting a new Public Access TV show. After working with Rei, I was able to move forward the same day and now have my show on the air!

– Katie Augustyn, Spiritual Head of Transformation Center CT



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